Revenue monetisation

We have a proven expertise in Space and Concept selling, Brand integrations, Customer Driven Programming amongst other areas. The team is adept at combining client understanding, brand objectives and programming fundamentals to optimize monetization.

• Inventory Sales
• Content Integration
• Content Syndication: Digital and International
• Off Air Asset Monetisation

Content Creation

Content today is everywhere. The advertising language has changed into content language as the audiences have started pulling away from traditional forms. The content and data being linked at the hip is showcased by new age Internet giants who merge consumption pattern of content into lifestyle preferences/ choices.

Understanding audiences, analysis of data and creating consumer/platform/ medium content is what Helios Media sets out to do. With diverse backgrounds in media, communication and content, Helios finds itself in the middle of creating engrossing content options for the audiences specific to a medium/ platform.

The questions Helios wants the Platform owner to address & answer is:
• What’s the difference between my Platform and another’s?
• Do I have an inherent brand value and perception?
• What is the audience choice with regard to my platform?
• What will be audience expectation from my platform?
• Does my platform address new age content requirements?
• Does my platform have the ability to expand and include new demographic/ geographic cohorts?
• Where are the new emerging markets and does my platform have the ability to serve them?
• What kind of marketing initiatives will help my platform expand its base?
The answers to these questions can only come from a deep understanding of the medium/platform, coupled with data interpretation and content ideas which resonate with specific audiences. We believe Helios Media has the ability to do so and hence create appropriate content for specific platforms. So far all platforms and content creators think in terms of genres and we believe this era is over. The era of generalists is coming to a close. As audiences evolve and get exposed to new concepts/ content, a though leadership approach is the only resonant.  
We believe in thought provoking, action oriented, and passion creating approach to story-telling.
We bring science to an art form.  Talk to us and be pleasantly surprised.  

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