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Communication Objective: Saffola is in the business of healthy foods. The premier brand Saffola has been in ‘Healthy Oil for a healthy Heart’ space for quite some time. Saffola was extending their brand to create Saffola Masala Oats- Healthy Oats but with a pinch of Indian Masala suited for Indian Palates.

Brand Chef created a series “Fit Foodie” featuring Michelin starred Chef Vikas Khanna who apart from being an embodiment of the brand also demonstrated the many uses the masala Oats.

Fit Foodie has been showcased by Marico at various industry meetings and seminars as one of the finest examples of digital expansion.

Manav Sahni, Brand Manager - Saffola Masala Oats.

Working with the Team at Helios was a very pleasant experience; they were very prompt in understanding our requirements and offered solutions which were not only cost efficient but also very good in terms of the quality of the concept. At no point in time did we ever feel that we were interacting with someone outside our core team; in fact the people at Helios became an integral part of the core team.