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  • Prasanth Kumar
    Managing Partner (South Asia) - GroupM | Bengaluru

    Helios is a good team with lots of energy and enthusiasm. They bring in versatile experience and also approach with lots of accountability. We wish them all the best.

    Manav Sahni
    Brand manager - Saffola Masala Oats

    Working with the Team at Helios was a very pleasant experience, they were very prompt in understanding our requirements and offered solutions which were not only cost efficient but also very good in terms of the quality of the concept. At no point in time did we ever feel that we were interacting with someone outside our core team; in fact the people at Helios became an integral part of the core team.

  • Martin Jojo
    Brand manager Tata | Shakti

    Helios as an agency has been able to crack the code on combining creative and brand objectives for us. This sets them apart from just being a media sales agency to a media solutions provider. Coupled with media planning, brand activation and events arm Helios is set to chart great success stories for channels that are looking for an enriching consumer experience and brand connect for their content.

    Gaurav Ramdev
    Brand Manager MTR Foods

    Helios understood what was required for MTR, they immersed themselves into the brand challenge and offered a solution which was holistic, multi-medium and used all of their strengths like in TV (Vignettes by the celebrated Chef Harpal), Social (Twitter - Sanjeev Kapoor) & Youtube (for longetivity of content) at a very effective total cost. Classic example of working hand in glove with the brand.

  • Piyush Srivastava
    GM Media, Usha International

    It was a wonderful experience working with you through the successful launch of Usha Halogen Oven campaign. I would like to commend the way the unique brand centric approach was presented to us and the way the team went out of the way to execute it to our delight. With the commitment, service level and understanding of the brand requirement that I see in you guys will make Helios a long term partner for us in future.